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Blood Spots

Also known as “Cherry Angiomas”













What are Blood Spots?

These clusters of dilated capillaries make small red or purple bumps on the skin, usually on the chest and back. Most are small (the size of a pin head), but they can grow larger and become raised and sponge-like. Although cherry angiomas are normal (most people over the age of forty have them) and cause no health problems, people may choose to have larger spots removed for cosmetic reasons.

How can they be treated?

We can eliminate the entire spot by using electrocautery or Laser or IPL treatment. This is all discussed in consultation on the day and a test patch may be required.

This treatment has always been carried out successfully by either IPL or electrocautery. The average amount of treatments required are between 1 & 3.

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What Our Clients Think

Just had my first session with the new Harmony XLi Laser. Compared to the old one this was great. I was able to cope with a higher setting which would go deeper into the skin and treat my skin pigmentation. The cooling was pleasant and helped when the laser was used, to reduce the pain, of which was hardly any, just a small sting. Afterwards my skin was all tingle y which I hope means it went deeper into the skin than before and will produce better results.  All the staff are really friendly and supportive I cannot recommend them enough! Thanks!

Corrine 20/9/12

Returning for a maintenance treatment for laser hair removal after a year and I’ve had great results! Thank you so much!

26/9/2013 Non