DyeVL Laser Treatment

A great treatment that is clinically proven and offers great results.

DyeVL is a safe and very effective method for getting rid of skin erythema and all symptoms of photoaging. The treatment constitutes great prophylactics for shallowly vascularised, sensitive skin, prone to development of erythema. It is also used in the prophylactics and treatment of rosacea.

The latest DyeVL head is the first narrow-band, pulsating source of light. It is considered to be a state of the art technology, whose effects are comparable with dye lasers. It enhances the versatility, efficiency and safety of IPL.

Effectiveness of treatments with the DyeVL head has been clinically proven. The treatments are absolutely safe to patients, efficient, virtually painless and do not require any convalescence period.

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What Our Clients Say...

Practitioner - India - "Very positive, easy doing and friendly environment. Great progress ☺️"
Shereen | 17/04/2019

"The girls are friendly and pleasant and they seem very professional."
Michael | 06/10/18

Practitioner - India - "Always excellent customer service."
Christopher | 27/03/2019

Practitioner - India - "I’ve always put laser treatments at the top of my skincare routine as it delivers great results. India spends time choosing the right laser for my needs. Would highly recommend."
Abbie | 09/04/2019


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