Laser Treatments

At Beauty Advance we have recently invested in one of the best Laser Platforms on the market. The Soprano ICE is a pain-free hair removal system that's to our Harmony XLi Laser, which allows us expand our treatment range and make sure all our clients have the best results.

The Soprano Titanium Laser is faster, painless, more effective and clients don’t look back. We are proud to announce that we are the only business in wales to have this laser, please come along and try for yourself.

Laser Hair removal – With advanced treatments like this, including i-Pixe;, you can fit more into your day, there is no more shaving or waxing and you will feel more confident to go swimming. Your life will be transformed, no more thinking "have I shaved?"

Skin Rejuvenation – This treatment is multi functional, we can treat your pigment, veins and as an added bonus, we can plump up your skin while were at it.

Acne Clear – Treating active acne on the face or body, leaving your skin looking clean. You will need more than one treatment and your skin will get worse before it gets better, but when you have finished your complete treatments, you wont look back.

Tattoo removal – Tattoo removal is one of the most popular treatments and the results are incredible. The key with tattoo removal, is to be patient and wait in-between treatments, as the tattoo will fade more, so you wont need as many treatments. Yes tattoo removal is painful, but with our cooler system it is bearable. No one stops coming to us because of the pain.

Pixel Treatment – This treatments is one of a kind, helping you with a wide verity such as ….. Lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone, scaring and over all brightening. This treatment works really deep in the skin, so the results take a while to show, but they are worth waiting for.

Nail Fungus – This treatment is known to be the best removal of nail fungus, combined with keeping up with the home care treatments, you will see a great result. After treatment you nail (s) will tingle, but that only means it is working. See what you think.

At your service

If you are new to our treatments and are unsure of what you need then Daniela and her team are here to help and advise. We offer a free consultation to all new clients so we can help you decide what kind of treatments will suit you. For more information call 029 2052 9552.

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