Nail Fungus Treatment

For the Treatment of Nail Fungus, There is Only One ClearChoice

ClearChoice (FDA Cleared) combines two laser technologies for the treatment of nail fungus (onychomycosis). Used exclusively with the HarmonyXL, it is the only dual laser treatment for nail fungus available on a multi-technology aesthetic platform.

Treatment is in most instances a series of 2-3 quick sessions, with minimal discomfort and no side effects. The lasers target the fungus located deep beneath the nail plate, eradicating the source of the infection with no harmful effects on healthy tissue.

Two Lasers, Maximum Effect

Q-Switched Nd:YAG

Q-Switched creates microcavitation and acoustic shock waves which break up the hard outer shell of the fungus spore and heat up the area beneath the nail bed.

Nd: YAG 1064F

The high repetition rate and short pulse duration on the 1064F creates gradual heating, while the thermal effect deactivates the micro-organism over the nail bed.

•Immediate improvement in nail appearance
•No drugs or topical ointments
•No adverse effects
•Minimal discomfort
•Proven effectiveness in clinical studies
•Quick results for 95% of patients
•Prolonged immunity to fungus recurrence

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"Really pleased with the laser hair removal and electrolysis! I have much more confidence in myself now its being done and I am seeing good results"
Anonymous | 16/07/15

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Dilys | 05/04/2019

"Laser treatment has been life changing cant thank you enough"
Rachel | 22/11/14

"The treatment was explained fully to me and I felt comfortable and relaxed with treatment. India was very friendly and professional."
Isabelle | 24/04/2019


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