Semi-Permanent Make Up

At Beauty Advance in Cardiff, this procedure is carried out by a fully qualified Micro-pigmentation Specialist.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up is a revolutionary method of implanting pigment into the upper dermal layer of your skin. Resulting in beautifully enhanced Eyebrows, Eye Liner, and also a Lip Liner, which can make your lips appear much fuller and more youthful, without surgery!

Semi-Permanent Make-up Eliminates the chore of having to apply and then re-apply your make up throughout the day, and it will have the added benefits of always looking fresh and professionally applied.

Semi-permanent make-Up is not just for us ladies, we also offer treatments for gentlemen who like to look their best all all times.

Eyebrows Enhancement- This is the main framework of our face. Any person, who desires more fullness and shape to the brows, will love this procedure. When professionally designed and balanced they can lift the eyes and have the appearance of a mini face-lift, restoring a more youthful and beautiful appearance.

Eye Liner – can create a soft subtle line to add depth and definition to your natural eye shape. Your eyelashes can appear both fuller and thicker, giving a brighter and fresher look to your eyes. A more dramatic and definite line can be archived if required.

Lip Enhancement- Lip liner is a beautiful procedure, and can appear to change the size and shape of the lips. It is perfect for reshaping, covering scars and enhancing the natural colour and size of your lips, giving fuller and more defined effect.

Scarring of the scalp and eyebrows can also be camouflaged and appear to disappear.

Alopecia affects many of us, and with skilled and personalised treatments, can help minimise the appearance of this condition.

Areola Treatment, is a unique and brilliant method, results of which, are beautifully matched specifically to each clients individual needs. Several treatments are required for completion of this procedure to give maximum effect.


Upper Eye Liner

Bottom Eye Liner

Upper and Lower Eye Liner

Lip Liner

Full Face

At your service

If you are new to our treatments and are unsure of what you need then Daniela and her team are here to help and advise. We offer a free consultation to all new clients so we can help you decide what kind of treatments will suit you. For more information call 029 2052 9552.

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